Monica Bellucci Says She is A Smart Beauty

In an interview, Monica says that everybody thinks she is stupid, but she's not. She's got talent.

'Cmon! Celebs say that often and I know Paris Hilton is the one who loves announcing she's a genius beauty. (who would believe a wino walking drunk after party and saying that? I'll never!)

Is Monica such an exception?

Let's go through her later statement:

" [Europe] they're not obsessed with age and weight. Here actresses can work for many, many years. In America you can be a great actress and have no work by the time you're 40. This is a tragedy, so I don't want to live this tragedy."

Does she mean to keep her career down the Europe? (Because that's the only place where everybody thinks she's smart? LOL!)

Go check her latest photos and tell me if she's smart enough for America.