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Bellucci To Play Sonia Gandhi
Tuesday, May 30

'Hopefully she will be a real politician'

Italian actress Monica Bellucci has reportedly agreed to play in a film about Indian political figure Sonia Gandhi, the Italian-born woman who married into India's most powerful political dynasty.

The deal to star at the movie was worked out at the Cannes Film Festival. Reports also say the star was so excited about the prospect of playing Sonia Gandhi.

Source: Yahoo news

Monica Bellucci: "America's Too Young For Me"
Wednesday, April 19

If most of the stars in the world want to leave their countries for Hollywood, actress Monica Bellucci does take opposite step.She doesn't want to leave Europe for Hollywood.

Monica insists that the US has some growing up to do before she considers relocating. She believes her 'old soul' would feel out of place in America

She says "I need to be in Europe. "I'm an old soul. America's too young for me."


Monica Bellucci Had A Baby Girl
Wednesday, September 29

Italian beauty Monica Bellucci (Passion of the Christ's Mary Magdalene) and her French actor husband, Vincent Cassel are happy to announce the birth of their first child.

Deva (girl) was born on September 12 in the romantic town of Rome, Italy.

Bellucci and Cassel have been married since 1999.

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Thursday, October 11

This French Elle mode magazine has a big screen of Monica Bellucci on its cover. You may be surprised as Monica goes awfully blonde!

Hu-uh, in whatever Monica is, she still looks gorgeous...

Tuesday, October 17

I don't know what had happened to her. Did she make the photographer angry and hit her with camera before a photoshoot ? She's badly wounded..

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Tuesday, July 25

Upskirt !!


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