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Wednesday, July 9

It is just undeniable that Monica Belucci is still amazing in her 44. It was in 1990 when Monica started her debut on TV.

Her Italian exotic beauty has ageless looks and her experience as a model has brought Monica to appear in world top magazines such as GQ, Elle, Maxim and Vanity Fair.

Monica was even named one of the nine sexiest pregnant women ever by Maxim magazine. She is just gorgeous as you can see in the photos.

Tuesday, July 8

Monica Bellucci is featured in June 2008 Edition of Elle Magazine. Check the magazine and you will find her flawless Italian image going on even in her year away from 40.

In this 2008 Bellucci is busy with her roles in two films entitled The Private Lives of Pippa Lee and Baaria - La porta del vento.

Wednesday, June 4

If you are running out of Monica's newest photos, you can check the Italian OK magazine. The actress is right there!

Don't be surprises because you will find nothing's changed but she is still as sexy as hell!

Wednesday, May 21

Have you heard about Monica Bellucci's Sanguepazzo?

The film is directed by Marc Tullio Giordana and is based on a true story. It's Monica's latest movie which was premiered on Monday evening at the Cannes Film Festival.

In the movie Monica Bellucci plays a role as Luisa Ferida and Luca Zingaretti plays Osvaldo Valenti, Ferida's infamous lover.

Their bodies were found on the outskirts of Milan April 30th 1945 five days after Italy's Liberation - they were executed by partisans.

Monica Bellucci said about her role:

"She (Luisa) was accused of dancing nude and naked in front of prisoners. He was accused of being a fascist though he was actually more of a rebel, a non-conformist."

"The reality was that he was addicted to cocaine and she was addicted to him so it's a really strong and passionate story that has as a background a really important moment in Italian history," she added.

Sanguepazzo is released in Italy on 23 May, and in France on 9 July and the Netherlands on 16 October.

Get enjoy the film!

Tuesday, May 13

Being a big actress doesn't leave Monica Belucci from having a time together with Deva, her little daughter. Taking off her glamorous Hollywood life while enjoying a real role as a mother is something nice to do.

Monica Bellucci and her beautiful 3.5 year-old daughter Deva are captured to enjoy some time off on a yacht in Ponza, Italy, with some friends.

Will Deva be as amazing as her mom...?

Monday, May 12

This 2008 Monica Bellucci is filming Baaria - La porta del vento, a personal epic spanning three generations of intricate life in a Sicilian village.

"Baaria" is Sicilian dialect for Tornatore’s native Bagheria, a suburb of Palermo being meticulously reconstructed on a massive set outside Tunis. The film is budgeted at $30 million.

It is also reported that the film will distributed in Italy where flick will curiously go out in two versions: one in Sicilian dialect and another in Italian.

You can choose which suits you best, fans!

Monday, April 7

Have you ever dreamed to be a kid of famous person like Monica Belucci?

It must be life full of graces!

See what Monica did on Sunday (April 6th). She took daughter Deva to a children's carnival at the Villa Borghese Park in Rome.

Other time, the actress might be taking her daughter to go shopping in Paris or dinner in Los Angeles.

Still dreaming to have such life...?

Sunday, April 6

Perhaps, hanging out with her beloved daughter, Deva, has been Monica Bellucci's top list task instead.

See how the big actress enjoys every time she spends with her daughter. At one time, Monica takes the kid for shopping at Bonpoint in Rome.

Can you imagine what a daughter of Monica Bellucci's shops for?
Hu-uh, it could be a hundred-something dollars pair of shoes or games and toys...

You can never guess the exact price, guys...

Friday, April 4

Monica attends the "Shoot Em Up" Photocall at the Adriano Cinema, Rome. It is today, April 4th.

Check how the stunning Monica Bellucci always looks awesome. The flowered tiered dress and also ruffles show that she has an amazing sense of style and class

Monica dress is so unique and vibrant...

Friday, March 21

Monica Bellucci took part in Cartier boutique opening (March 20th) in Baku, Azerbaijan. Monica came specially to cut the red silk ribbon.

Cartier has inaugurated its first boutique in Azerbaijan. The opening ceremony was attended by the Azerbaijani President, Ilham Aliev and his wife, and presided by Bernard Fornas, President and CEO of Cartier International.

The opening of the Baku boutique was marked by a private reception inside the National Philharmonic Hall, where the jeweler gave an exclusive presentation of unique creations from its Caresse d’Orchidées par Cartier collection. This was followed by a concert of French singer Patricia Kaas before the audience.

Saturday, March 8

Directed by Maria Sole Tognazzi L’uomo che ama becomes Monica Belluci's next movie.

Monica Bellucci was pictured on the set of the movie earlier today working with other star Pierfrancesco Favino.

L’uomo che ama is an Italian drama about love and relationships between people where Monica plays the role of a woman who works for an art foundation.

Thursday, February 21

Let's see who are on the front row at the Dolce and Gabbana Milan Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2008/2009 Fashion Show.

Lindsay Lohan and Fergie are there. One of the 1990's Queens of the catwalk, Naomi Campbell is also in attendance.

Monica Bellucci, who attends the show, looks distinctly under-dressed in a microscopic, strapless, navy silk corset-dress from the current Dolce & Gabbana collection.

Dolce & Gabbana, the Milanese design duo renowned for corset-cut gowns, underwear as outerwear and the invention of the pelmet skirt, dropped hemlines to mid-calf in their main collection shown in Milan today.

Wednesday, December 26

On her new movie Ne te retourne pas, Monnicca Belluci is working with Sophie Marceau, the French actress.

It is a psychodrama about a photographer whose pictures tell a different story to that of her perception. The movie takes set in Lecce, Italy.

Until 2008 Bellucci has several movie shoots such as The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, Baaria - La porta del vento, Uomo che ama, Sanguepazzo, and Ne te retourne pas.

Friday, December 21

Now your long-time waiting is up as Entertainment in Video have announced the UK Region B Blu-ray Disc release of Shoot ‘Em Up on 21st January 2008 priced at £24.99.

In this over-the-top action thriller Clive Owen stars as a mysterious loner (Smith) who joins forces with an unlikely partner Monica Bellucci (Donna Quintano) to protect a rescued newborn baby from an evil, ruthless criminal (Paul Giamatti).

Saturday, December 8

This Italian actress does a great job in December 2007 issue of French magazine Paris Match.

Say, Monica Bellucci is not at her young age anymore, but just look how she still catches every eye.

Monica Bellucci is all woman. She's insanely gorgeous, intelligent, cultured, and talented.

Can anyone be just like she looks like at the same age?



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